On the 17th June we had over 100 students take their LAMDA examinations with us, with exams taken in introductory verse and prose – grade 6 musical theatre exams to students aged 5 years – 17years.

We are overjoyed to announce that every single student passed their exam with either a Merit or a Distinction. We have received the LAMDA certifications and will be giving all those out in the new autumn term when we come back to our classes and schools.

LAMDA examinations are accredited qualifications which has been recognised as an awarding organisation by Ofqual. We are a proud LAMDA centre that has 100% pass rate to date and over 2,000 students being entered for examination with the LAMDA syllabus.

LAMDA provides a richness to learning and supports a deeper understanding of the subject matter and spoken word. Learners build their confidence in speech as well as fulfil a love of drama, literature and performance.

Our next term will be our acting term with a focus on delivering LAMDA examinations for those that would like to participate for March exams.