STING Productions

We like to perform here!

We offer all our groups that train with us the chance to perform in professionally run theatres. In a world where the arts are increasingly pushed aside in schools, young people have fewer opportunities to participate in theatrical activities outside of school.

Producing Showcases, Plays and Musicals in professional Theatres enables us to encourage young people and adults to participate in the arts and learn the art of their stage craft to a high standard whilst inspiring and building confidence. Alongside our courses our adult Sting performers perform in a number of shows and events worldwide.

Here’s some of our production pictures.

dance studio
dance studio

Our next Production

Coming soon 2021

Keep your eyes peeled for further information in relation to our 2021 productions. Our productions are performed by students in our  after school cubs and from our theatre schools across Essex, Herts and Cambridgeshire. If you would like to discuss the plans for our next production, please contact a member of the STING team.

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