It been almost a year since we were able to provide our performing arts classes in school as part of the after-school provision. We are thrilled and excited about returning back to the classrooms and creating some fun, interactive, confidence building skills and techniques for us all to enjoy. We have all missed being together and seeing those happy faces. With the new government guidelines we are able to return back to some form of normality. We have chosen to start our new term with all our schools after the Easter half term. Enabling the children to settle back into school life and adjusting to the environment after so much time off is important. We have been in contact with many schools and are thrilled to let you all know that our term will begin the week commencing 19th April. Our term will last the normal 10 week term.

All our after-school classes include Drama, Dance, Singing, Musical Theatre and LAMDA (London Academy Of Dramatic Arts Awards) The classse are either 60 minutes at £60 per term or 90 minutes at £90 per term. If you are interested in joining us for the new term do not hesitate to contact us direct or your school.

Just in case you have not already booked a holiday this summer we have booked all venues for our summer holiday workshops. Come and enjoy a week with us professionally recording and performing to an audience. Details can be found under the heading Summer Schools above.

See you all soon!