Sting Performing Arts will be delivering inclusive Theatre classes at Harlow Playhouse for adults with learning disabilities from 18th September 2020. Every Friday night 6pm -7pm during term time we will be providing an hours class in Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre, Singing and Filming. The arts offer a huge range of ways to express yourself and boost your self confidence as well as stimulate the imagination, improve social skills and communication  We love to perform here at Sting so we can assure you with our weekly classes we will always be working towards producing theatre for the stage, or film and preparing ourselves for a show performance. We also deliver group examinations for those that are interested with LAMDA (London Academy Of Dramatic Arts) and Trinity which gives all students an awarding achievement. We have a dedicated professional team that make sure our classes are accessible, safe and fun to all regardless of disability or circumstance.

Please be advised that booking is required.¬† If you would like to join us contact us: –

M: 0790 319 2094  E: